spending hours watching subway jumper videos

i’ve hit a few cool ‘lows’ this week, including but not limited to:

  • selling my used socks to a guy from craigslist
  • crying in the bathroom at a grocery store
  • eating 30 cent ramen for dinner two days in a row
  • bumming 3 cigarettes off random people in 2 days

my partner is good and i am thankful that i have him in my sad little life tbh. also the only reason i have this tumblr is because sometimes he lurks it

  -  6 April

ive been living at a library and i havent had human interaction in a long long time and i would like to see some of u this week, i think

  -  6 April

i  can;t stop eating

not attending any social gatherings until my nose infection goes away

  -  17 March
"Femininity in general is seen as frivolous. People often say feminine people are doing “the most”, meaning that to don a dress, heels, lipstick, and big hair is artifice, fake, and a distraction. But I knew even as a teenager that my femininity was more than just adornments; they were extensions of me, enabling me to express myself and my identity. My body, my clothes, and my makeup are on purpose, just as I am on purpose."

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